The Salvator-Serving

The pilgrimage to the „Salvator-Serving“ at the Nockherberg, as Munich residents like to call it, is as much part of the Munich year as Fasching (Carnival) and the Oktoberfest. The so-called „Fifth Munich season“ lasts seventeen days (from Friday to Sunday) and usually starts at the beginning of/ by mid March.

With the traditional deriding of politicans on the Nockherberg, the two-week strong-beer season begins.

High spirits and tongue-in-cheek fun at the expense of »political bigwigs« from all the parties are part of every Salvator-tasting. This opening ceremony is always starting right before the 17-day period of the Salvator-serving and is broadcasted live on TV the same day. This event is not public and you can only participate via invitation of the Paulaner Brewery.

Event date


Monday to Friday from 2.00pm until 11.00pm
Saturday and Sunday from 11.00am until 11pm

(End of beer-serving daily at 10.30pm)

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