The drinkable Paulaner Salvator – The original

Until 1870 only Munich Paulaner monks or Prince Regants were able to enjoy the Paulaner Salvator. The monastic brewmasters have brewed the strong Doppelbock-Beer after their own special recipe as liquid nutrition during the period of Lent. Evil tongues would say that this was the reason for monasteries to have that many visitors. Might there be a little bit truth to that? Let your tasting decide!

A true delight

It is entirely true that there is only one original Salvator – the globally protected Paulaner Salvator, prime father of all strong beers ending on the syllable „-ator“. No one wonders why this delicious beer-serving has resulted in a fifth season. The opening ceremony is always the Salvator-tasting at the Paulaner at the Nockherberg while lampooning politicans.

The most famous master brewer was brother Barnabas, who’s original recipe has hardly been changed.

Gravity of the beer: 18,3 %
Alcohol:     7,5 %
Calories: 68,0 kcal/100 ml


Our serving suggestion

During the Starkbierfest, Salvator stout is traditionally served in a 1-litre stein, called the Keferloher. Combining the Paulaner Salvator with hearty meals, cheese specialities or sweet desserts tastes fantastic. If you prefer a lighter dish, you can try our fresh salads.

Here’s to you!

Event date


Monday to Friday from 2.00pm until 11.00pm
Saturday and Sunday from 11.00am until 11pm

(End of beer-serving daily at 10.30pm)

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