The world-famous strong-beer (Starkbier)

The Paulaner monks started brewing beer in the cloister as early as 1634.Their rules allowed them only meager nutrition, so that they needed »liquid bread« to strengthen themselves while their strict self-chastisement during Lent. They started to sell their popular beer more and more to the public in order to improve the financial situation of their community. Every March they honored the founder of their order at the Nockherberg by serving very strong beer: What is now known as the »Salvator«.

The first sip was given to the prince-elector. The monastic brewery was starting to become a competition to the civil breweries. The Nockherberg and its shadow-giving chestnut trees, which originally have been used to cool the beer barrels down, which were stored underground, became the embodiment of conviviality and beer enjoyment.

The year-round serving of this special lentbeer started in 1861 at the legendary Zacherl-Kellar on top of the Nockherberg. The restaurant and the festive hall have been reopened in 1950 after they have been completely destroyed during World War II. The restaurant and the festive hall have been celebrated as the so-called »Salvator-Keller«.