Nockherberg Visions

The »Paulaner am Nockherberg« is the highlight of the Paulaner brewery and presents its gastronomic know-how. The basic idea »Paulaner am Nockherberg« derives from the brand philosophy of Paulaner. This means: Exemplary gastronomy, the Munich way of living and beer culture forming an unique experience.

The »Paulaner Restaurant«

The building’s facade is modelled on Munich buildings established around the turn of the century and suited to the architecturally protected Salettl. The entire interior design refers to attributes the guest relates to tradition, Bavarian customs, the Munich lifestyle and beer culture. The vault cellar in the basement has been designed in a rustic and comfortable way. The ground floor is divided into a restaurant and a spacious serving area. The first floor comprises banqueting rooms and a gallery area, which offer a beautiful view through its large window surface areas and are available for family celebrations or business events.

The »Paulaner Festive Hall«

The »Paulaner Festive Hall« can be described as a combination of charm and professional event implementation. The »Paulaner Festive Hall« can be used for major events of any kind. The automatic seperating walls can create room zones in different sizes and surfaces. Accordingly, it is possible to use two hall units at the same time.

Der »Paulanergarten«

The »Paulaner-Garden« remained in its size, but has been upgraded through a functional realignment. Among others, the feel-good factor of the visitor is increased through the higher degree of territorial integration of the beer garden by the main building, the arcades, and the southern end. The reconstruction of the open space results in an entirely renewed spacious children’s area.

Outdoor Areas

The planning concept for the outdoor areas involved next to a careful modernization of the traditional beer garden a change of the parking area traffic. This means, that the entry of the parking area will not be at the Hochstraße, but at the back at the Hiendlmayrstraße / Ruhestraße.