The history of Nockherberg

1627 Prince-elector Maximilian I. called the Paulaner to the » monastery Neudeck ob der Au «.
1634 Latest by that year the Paulaner monks started to brew beer.
1751 An electoral mandat finally explicitly allowed the public beer serving on the holiday of the saintly founder of St. Francis of Paula on the 2nd of April.
1773 Paulaner brewmaster brother Barnabas Still, became a famosity in the Bavarian brewing history. His basic recipe is still used nowadays to brew the »Salvator«.
1780 Almost ten years before the monastic in Neudeck was dissoluted, prince-elector Karl Theodor gave the Paulaner monks the permission to serve beer publicly and without any restrictions.
1799 Under the government of electoral Prince Maximilian Josef, the Feast of the Holy Father became the largest public festival in the city on the 2nd of April, thanks to the participation of the entire of the entire electoral household and the population of Munich. The monastery was abolished on 23 July 1799. The electoral court counselor Lord Arco of Valley took over the responsibilities of the monastric management. 
1806 Brewmaster Franz Xaver Zacherl has initially taken the monastry over on a leasehold basis. Seven years later he bought the entire area. He continued the tradition of the Feast of the Holy Father.
1849 After Franz Xaver Zacherl’s death, his nephews Heinrich and Ludwig Schmederer from Tölz inherited the brewery.
1861 In 1861 the first spring drink was sold in the newly built »Zacherl-Keller« on Nockherberg, the site of today's »Paulaner am Nockherberg«.
1899 On 20. June 1899 the Imperial Patent Office of Berlin has finally granted the description »Salvator« as  protected trade mark.
1905 Construction of the Salettl.
1944 Complete destruction by a bombing raid.
Reconstruction of the Salvator-Keller.
1950 The first Salvator tasting took place after World War II on the 10th of February 1950.
1965 The old custom of the Feast of the Holy Father has been re-enacted.
1994 Name change of the »Salvator-Keller« to »Paulaner-Keller« implemented by the Paulaner brewery.
1999 During the night of the 28th of November a large fire destroyed the halls and the restaurant »Paulaner-Keller«.
2000 The traditional Starkbierfest has taken place in a tent at the Mariahilf-Platz until the »Paulaner am Nockherberg« has been reconstructed.
2003 In March 2003 the newly build »Paulaner am Nockherberg« has been re-opened and the traditional Starkbierfest will again take place in the »Paulaner Festive Hall« for a period of 17 days.